Paste, Homemade pastry, sweets and cakes

Paste, Homemade pastry, sweets and cakes, following the best recipes of the pastry making tradition

For a rich of vitality and flavour breakfast, every morning from 7.00 am the Caffè del Corso waits for you with a wide range of sweets and pastries that are produced in an exquisitely artisan way. If you are looking for a bakery in Monopoli that joins quality and savour in the respect of the tradition of the bakery art, you can choose the Caffè del Corso, for enjoying a moment of relax, pampering yourselves with high quality sweet specialities. Croissants, stuffed with cream and jam pastry, cream puffs, cannoli and all the best pastries of the bakery tradition wait for you from the morning to the evening to be tasted in a fresh, young and dynamic location.

Breakfast can be comfortably tasted at the counter, or outside the café, where a kind and punctual table service is offered. The pastry laboratory of the Caffè del Corso, situated in Corso Umberto I, 58 in Monopoli respects the tradition of the Italian sweet art through a not industrial production, that is careful in respecting the freshness and the genuineness of the ingredients that are used to prepare all the cakes and the pastries.


Fresh and genuine ingredients for quality products

The ingredients that are used to create, every day, the pastry products of the bakery in Monopoli at the Caffè…