About us

If you are looking for a café, where you can stop to taste a delicious aperitif, or where you can begin your day with full energy and taste, the Caffè del Corso in Monopoli is the right place for you. Well-known for its aperitifs, when excellent cocktails are served, accompanied by eight delicious courses of finger food. This can be considered as a real lunch or dinner. The Caffè del Corso has become over the years the landmark for the collective ritual of the happy hour in this marvellous town in the province of Bari. This place, composed of a modern space and of a modern and dynamic atmosphere, is appreciated by the clientele of any age for the kind and accurate in the smallest details service and for the variety of the food and drink proposals, starting from the aperitif, that can be considered as the distinctive characteristic of the place, to the possibility of having a real lunch, with light and quick specialities or a dinner with themed soirées like the one with sushi. But obviously the Caffè del Corso is also a café, where you can have breakfast with pastry products that are homemade, with tasty, healthy and good sweets.

Themed soirées and catering service for private and business events

The Caffè del Corso in Monopoli, a wonderful city in the province of Bari, is not only a place where you can celebrate the ritual of the aperitif with friends and colleagues nor only a café where you can have breakfast with homemade pastry and fresh sweets. In this place actually unmissable themed soirées are offered, like for instance the sushi soirée on Thursdays when you can reserve your sushi and take it home or eat it at the restaurant and the Happy Hour on Friday evenings to celebrate the beginning of the weekend in a happy and amusing way, in a relaxing and joyful location. For all the people who instead desire to organize events and private parties or business dinners and lunches and business meetings, the staff of the Caffè del Corso organizes, regularly and in an absolutely professional way, a catering service with aperitifs, entrées and cocktail corner, in order to taste, wherever you want, all the pleasure of the artisan specialities of this place, that has become the symbol of the good food and of the good drinks in Monopoli.