Fresh and genuine ingredients for quality products

The ingredients that are used to create, every day, the pastry products of the bakery in Monopoli at the Caffè del Corso are selected according to absolute quality, genuineness and freshness and are amalgamated together with the artisan expertise and knowledge of the staff of this wonderful café, in order to guarantee delicious, tasty and healthy pastry products to all the customers. You can taste them at breakfast time, but also at the end of a quick lunch or after a romantic dinner or a dinner with your friends or relatives. Everything is prepared always guaranteeing a kind service with the aim to satisfy all the needs of the clientele.


Paste, Homemade pastry, sweets and cakes

BAKERY IN MONOPOLIPaste, Homemade pastry, sweets and cakes, following the best recipes of the pastry making traditionFor a rich of…