Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian and vegan menu, suitable for the people who want to taste natural and tasty dishes

At the Caffè del Corso, in the place in Corso Umberto I, 58, you will not only find energetic and tasty, good and light aperitifs: this dynamic and comfortable place is also a real vegetarian restaurant in Monopoli that proposes a light vegetarian and vegan cooking that has been thought to please all the people who want to renounce to the meat but not to the pleasure of tasting absolute light and good dishes. The variety of the menu proposals at the Caffè del Corso offers the possibility to taste dishes without animal substances to the vegetarian and vegan people. These courses are thought to supply the right nourishing using exclusively certified biological and absolutely fresh products. The Caffè del Corso is so the perfect place to taste vegan and vegetarian dishes at lunch time and at dinner time, with quick solutions and, in the meantime, rich of goodness and substance for a complete nutritional break.

Selected ingredients with a biological origin
A fundamental characteristic of this vegetarian restaurant in Monopoli is in the biological origin of the basic ingredients of its dishes, that guarantee lightness, taste and above all, well-being to the customers. The courses of the Caffè del Corso are created in an original and creative way, without absolutely renouncing to the taste and the pleasure of the good food, by a specialized and professional kitchen staff that, for guaranteeing genuineness and freshness, selects every day the best ingredients to cook simple and tasty dishes. At this place in the province of Bari it is so possible to make a lunch break or to taste a natural products-based dinner. These products are grown with love and respect for the land, they can be tasted in a relaxing and pleasant location, where also the service is curated in every small detail, thanks to the qualified and careful in supporting any customer’s request staff.


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